5 Year Plan – The Dream

A five year plan for a five year plan.  I want to travel.  I want to travel all over the country.

I have always dreamed of seeing this country.  When I was introduced into camping, well, I kind of hated it.  I have a bad story to go with every camping trip.  That is why the idea of traveling the country and setting up the camp inside the car is so much more appealing.

What do I want to see?  I want to visit the national parks.  I am told that I need to enjoy the journey, and honestly I am more of a destination girl.  I think that if I had no destination in mind I could take the time to enjoy the journey more.  I once listened to a man describe a trip that I had just made in one day.  He traveled those same miles in three or four days with his wife.  He said that there were just so many placed to stop and explore.  I envied his ability to take that time.  I like hiking, but even in that exercise I am heading back to the beginning.  Imagine not having to see it all in just a day or two.

What about camping?  Again, I am not a huge fan of camping.  One, I like to be clean.  Two, I am a side sleeper which doesn’t work when you sleep on the ground.  So why am I willing to camp around America?  My original plan was to rent a home for six months at a time, in a strategic location, and spend the time seeing everything the area has to offer.  So why?  Cost, I do not plan on working so I need to reduce cost at, well all cost.  So now I dream of car camping the United States.

What is the five year plan?  It is two plans really.  This is 2018 and I plan on working another five years before traveling for five years.  I need to get used to camping.  I want to see the rest of Minnesota and some of Wisconsin before leaving this area.  I need the time to save for the journey.

The current dream is to travel around as many states as I can.  See as many national parks as possible.  Hike as many state parks as I can.  I plan to take in as much of each state, the best part each state has to offer, and enjoy every moment of it.

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