The Plan

Just like that the plan changes:  five years becomes 3 years and possibly any day.

I want to travel the country for five years and to do that I need a good plan.

The current plan is to travel and car camp across America.  It is less expensive than hotels, paying for camping every night, or even renting a home.  Although, renting a place is not completely out of the question for the right place and price.

If we are going to travel than we need the proper car.  I say we because there will be two of us on this journey.  The current thinking is a Subaru Forester.  This is a five year plan so part of the hope is that the Forester will fix its back seat before then.  The back seat doesn’t currently lay flat.  I prefer the Forester because I am comfortable driving one, which is not the case with most vehicles bigger than a car.  Choosing a vehicle that I am willing to drive is important because we will be driving a lot.  The Forester is the perfect car for me.

Next is the home base.  I don’t want to be completely homeless while we travel.  We have a spot near Mount Rushmore picked out for this base camp.  When we are home we can hike any of the parks around the Rapid City, SD area and the neighboring states.  It is a perfect home base that allows quick access to several hiking trails.

Those are the big ticket items.  After that, it is all about covering yearly expenses.  Let me give you a clue, health insurance is possibly the highest expense.  It seems far more expensive than it should be and a lot more expensive than I remember, yes, I have paid for private insurance out of pocket previously.  The current rates seem crazy.

I will be blogging about the different costs and things that a person, us in particular need to survive for a year, search for Plan Cost.  I think two people can pull this off for between $17k and $30k per year.  That seems like a lot, but I will say it again, health insurance.  Food is the second biggest cost, particularly if you want to enjoy the local delights.

The next part of the plan is all about the travel plans.  Where will we go?  What will we see?  Where will we stay?  I will blog about this.  Search for Travel Plans to see more.  I will also tell you about my journey in the blog, or under the Parks tab.  Check it out.