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The Little Penguin Merlot

The Little Penguin Merlot

The Little Penguin 074

The Little Penguin Merlot might be one of my new favorite wines.  It is just simply delightful to drink.

I do not know what it is about Australian wines, but they now how to make a wine right down under.  This particular wine is a South Eastern Australian wine.

The cover is adorable.  I wouldn’t normally buy a wine based on the cover, but this one needed to be tried.

Here is the craziest part, this wine is cheap.  I mean scrounge for change in your car kind of cheap.  I paid $6 for this bottle of wine.

If you are looking for an inexpensive bottle of very delicious, drinkable wine The Little Penguin Merlot is for you.

I give this wine a 5/5 for the price to taste ratio alone.

Alexander Valley Vineyard Merlot

Alexander Valley Vineyard Merlot

Alexander Valley Merlot 002

This wine was estate grown and bottled which generally means they tried harder to get it right.  In this case they nailed it.  This particular vintage is the 2013.

The wine has the perfect smell when you open the bottle.  It isn’t inviting and at the same time it is exactly what you would hope for when smelling a wine.

The taste is smooth and not sweet or bitter.  It is just an excellent wine.

I cannot find any downside to this wine.  I would definitely serve it at a dinner party.  It is very drinkable and not offensive in any way

I give this wine a 5/5.

Third Wheel

Third Wheel is a red blend from California.

third wheels 002

This California red is a rather simple wine.  The bottle has foil and a proper cork.  The initial smell is pleasant.  It doesn’t have any harsh tones, but also doesn’t give a falsely inviting scent either.  It is just pleasing.

The initial taste is smooth.  It isn’t smooth due to a lack of flavor like some wines.  The flavors are just subtle and none are overwhelming.  There is nothing harsh or bitter about the wine.  It is simply a good wine.

The blending of this wine is perfect for its purpose.  It is meant to be a table wine that you can drink with any meal and serve to any guest.

I enjoyed this wine with fruit.  It pairs nicely with black berries, raspberries, and strawberries.  It was best with the strawberries.

Pairing this wine with crackers and cheese was not as good.  It still worked, but I was not as thrilled.  I think perhaps it was the choice of cheese.  I was using gouda.  I think it would have gone better with a cheddar or some other more flavorful cheese.

Overall I would definitely suggest  this wine for dinner guests.  It should please any pallet and not be offensive in anyway.  In fact at $10 a bottle this is the type of wine that you can have at anytime.  It also makes a good bottle to take to a dinner party.  Keep one of these on hand for any last minute needs.

I give this wine a 5/5 on the Linda scale.

I really enjoyed this wine and had not ill effects from it.

Conte Priola Pinot Noir

Conte Priola Pinot Noir

Conte Priola bottle

This wine is an explosion of flavor and none of them are harsh or bitter or bad.  I was so impressed by this wine because it wasn’t average.  It didn’t overdue it.  It was just an exciting wine.

This wine is also very easy to drink.  I wouldn’t describe this wine as smooth, but only because the flavors make it so much more than that.  Yes, it goes down easy.  Yes you will want several glasses.

Serve this wine at your dinner party and your guests will be impressed.

I give this one a 5/5.

Dr. Loosen Riesling – Video

Dr. Loosen Riesling (Dr. L) was suggested to me by the president of the company that I was working for at the time.  He tried it and thought of me.

When I came across it in the store shortly after he suggested it I immediately bought a bottle and this became my new favorite wine.  I think I drank only this wine for four of five months straight after that.

It is the kind of wine that you can just sit down and have a glass.  It is smooth and slightly sweet.  It is easy to drink.  There is nothing bad about this wine.

This wine would be very easy for a person who doesn’t like or hasn’t developed a taste for wine yet.  It is sweet so it isn’t going to prepare you for a Merlot or Pinot Noir sometime down the road, but it could be your stepping stone to a sauvignon blanc or a chardonnay.

Not that you need to step up from a Riesling.  It is a wine of perfection in and of itself in my opinion.

If you are looking for a white wine I would highly suggest Dr. Loosen.

I give it a 5/5 rating.

Momentos – Pinot Noir

Momentos – Pinot Noir

This is my new favorite glass of wine a day wine.  It is so good and not too expensive.  It is smooth and you can drink a few glasses if you want.  There are no ill side effects.

Momentos Pinot Noir bottle

This is a well made wine.  It is a Chile wine.  They make good wines there.  They seem to really know what they are doing.

I am giving this wine a 5/5, mostly on the drink-ability scale.

Five Branches – Pinot Noir

Five Branches – Pinot Noir

This is a California wine done right.  The taste is smooth and delightful.  There is nothing bad about this wine.  This might be one of my favorite everyday drinking wines.  You can have a glass at the end of the day to take the edge off or to complement your dinner.

This is not an overly expensive wine and not super cheap either.

I would give this wine a 5/5.

Five Branches Pinot Noir

King Estate – Pinot Noir

King Estate – Pinot Noir, greatest pinot noir in the world!!

Ok, maybe just the best I have ever had.  Although it is not an everyday drinking wine from a price standpoint it isn’t that expensive.  It is in the $20 – $30 range.

Smooth, unbelievably smooth with every sip.  The flavor is not intense or overwhelming in any way.  It also isn’t weak.  It is simply good.  If all wine tasted like this no one would drink anything else.

I like to age my King Estate bottles for a few years, mostly because I feel like I should only drink them on special occasions or give them as gifts.  I look forward to the day I can bring a bottle as a dinner party gift.  The older a wine is doesn’t always translate into a better wine so remember this.  Wine is for drinking.

dusty bottle of King Estate Pinot Noir

Have a bottle of King Estate Pinot Noir in your wine cellar or cabinet and find an occasion to drink it at least once every few years.  Then replace it.

This wine is definitely a 5/5 wine.