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Schroeder Baking Company, Schroeder, MN

Schroeder Baking Company, Schroeder, MN

Schroeder Baking Company is one of those little gems that you hope to find in your travels.  Every small town has a place where the locals go to visit and eat and drink coffee.  Schroeder Baking Company is one of those places.  Granted I am pretty sure this bakery is possibly the only places in Schroeder, but if there were fifty places you could go, this would still be the place to go.

The food, wow, you cannot go wrong with whatever you decide to order.  We ordered breakfast sandwiches one morning.  They heat them up when you order them and hand them to you in a foil wrapper.  We took ours outside and wiped the morning dew of the picnic table so that we could sit and enjoy these mouthwatering sandwiches.

Jon sampled a few of their different coffees and he loved them.  That says a lot about the taste and quality.  They have a few different beans and flavors.  It is imported from wherever and clearly the good beans.  It is way more than you would expect from a small town and better than a lot of chain coffee shops.

The coffee section of Schroeder Baking Company

The establishment calls themselves a bakery and they deliver on that statement.  Every morning a new selection of baked goods is displayed so that you may make your selection.  The thing is, when it is gone, it is gone, and they sell everything, everyday, so get there early.

Baked goods section of Schroeder Baking Company

The food selections don’t end there.  Schroeder Baking Company also offers pizza, really good pizza.  It is a thinner crust pizza with an incredibly delicious red sauce.  The toppings aren’t “fresh”, the mushrooms come out of a can, but you are in the middle of nowhere and it isn’t a frozen pizza that they are unwrapping and cooking for you.  They put it all together and cook you a fresh pizza which was delicious.  They do simple pizzas so much better up north.

The place is small.  Inside you will find two tables and some chairs.  If you sit at one expect to share it with others.  Outside there is a picnic table or you could put down a blanket and have a picnic.  It is a completely picnic worthy area and there is a very a nice view of nature all around you.

The bakery is just down the street from Superior Ridge Resort Motel if you decide to stay there and not far from the Lutsen Resort.  Temperance River State Park is right in that area as well.  If you are looking for a trail to hike the locals or the staff can point you in the right direction.  They have hiked them all.

The place is busy all the time, but not chaos busy, more like a steady stream.  Again, the food is really, really good, and reasonably priced.  Eat there or take it to go, but stop if you get a chance.  You will not be disappointed.

Roadway Inn and Suites, Spearfish, SD

Roadway Inn and Suites, 2275 E Colorado Blvd, Spearfish, SD 57783

I really liked this hotel.  It isn’t super nice, but it is exactly what you need.   We stayed here on a trip to everywhere.  It was our first stop on a trip out west.  If you are looking for a place with a pool and hot tub this one is pretty nice.

Rodeway Inn & Suites May 2016 016

The rooms are fairly basic.  You get a bed and a seating area.  I believe the pillows were a normal size.  Something that I never thought would be a concern, but we have all encountered the tiny pillows some hotels have these days.

Rodeway Inn & Suites May 2016 013

Rodeway Inn & Suites May 2016 012

The coffee in the room is Arabica coffee which is really important.  100% Arabica, I cannot stress how important this is in coffee.

Rodeway Inn & Suites May 2016 014

You get a free breakfast.  The eating area is extremely small, but you can always take it back to your room.  The gravy for the biscuits and gravy was really good.  The biscuits were a bit dense, but tasted okay.  They also had cereal.

Rodeway Inn & Suites May 2016 011

Rodeway Inn & Suites May 2016 010

The best part about staying at this hotel was the Perkins across the street.  With your hotel key you can get a free desert.  Perkins deserts are really good so this was a great perk.  I am not sure if they have it all of the time, but if they do it might be the best reason to stay at this hotel.

It isn’t the Four Seasons, but it is clean, up to date, the food is okay, and it is a good area to stay in.  If you need a place in Spearfish, SD I suggest this one.

Our Place, Cody, WY

Our Place, 148 Yellowstone Ave, Cody, WY 82414

Our Place is a breakfast and lunch place that opens early at 6 and closes at 2.  We stopped in for breakfast.

The first thing I noticed was the smell of something burning.  It worried me a bit.  The second thing I noticed was the free WiFi which I desperately needed.

Despite the initial worrisome smell the food was amazing.  The portions were huge, too big to eat really.  Everything was cooked perfectly and it all tasted really good.  I went on the wild side and tried the Mexican eggs on the menu, can’t remember what they were called, but they were good.  I am not a fan of green sauce, but that wasn’t an issue, it tasted good anyway.  I was told that the biscuits and gravy were good as well.

Our Place, Cody, WY May 2016 137

The decorations on the walls were really cool and grouped accordingly.  Lots of windmills and badges.

Our Place, Cody, WY May 2016 136

I would highly recommend eating at Our Place.  You will walk away full and happy.

Hill City Cafe, Hill City, SD

Hill City Cafe, 209 Main St, Hill City, SD 57745

This little cafe on the main street of Hill City seems to be a local favorite.  The staff is friendly and very happy.  They seem genuinely happy.

We stopped in here to get a decent breakfast and the food was good.  It is just basic cafe food.  No surprises, but everything is Western themed.  Check out the menu.  If you want a good breakfast this is the place.

Hill City Cafe, SD May 2016 206

Hill City Cafe, SD May 2016 207

Hill City Cafe is just a nice cafe to eat normal food in.