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Nerstrand Big Woods State Park, Nerstrand, MN

Nerstrand Big Woods State Park, Nerstrand, MN

There is a hidden falls.  That is really about all there is to say about Nerstrand Big Woods State Park.  The loops are fairly small near the center.  It is easy to get to the hidden falls.  It is a good starter park.

Hidden falls at Nerstrand

There is a large area for kids to play while you prepare a picnic for the family.  You can then quickly run down and stand in the falls.

If you take some of the other trails you will see a lot of trees and some beautiful flowers.  Lots and lots of pretty flowers.

white and purple flowers

If you want to ease you family into going to a park and you live near this one check it out.  You can work your way up to the longer trails.

Bemidji Lake State Park, Bemidji, MN

Bemidji Lake State Park, Bemidji, MN

We decided to stay a night at a cabin in Bemidji Lake State Park.  As a child my parents would occasionally take the long drive up to Lake Bemidji for our family vacation and the chance to fish.

The park is on the northeast side of the lake.  The WiFi was surprisingly strong in the park.  It is always so hard to find good WiFi inside a park.

Inside of the Bemidji State Park cabin

The cabin was very cute.  It held four beds, a table, and bench seats.  It was warm enough that we didn’t need to use the heater which looks like it was baseboard.  The bunk bed were low enough that we ended up sleeping on the top bunks in order to avoid hitting our heads.

The trail was mere steps from our cabin.  The crown jewel of this particular park is the bog walk.  It is definitely worth checking out all of the plants.  We found a carnivorous plant on our walk.

There are a lot of pretty flowers in this park.  Try to spot all of them.  If you get tired of this park you are just a short drive over to Lake Itasca State Park.  You could even go fishing.  I hear it is kind of fun.

Caribou Rock Trail, MN

Caribou Rock Trail, Hungry Jack Lake Road, MN

This trail is off of the Gunflint Trail in Superior National Forest.  We headed out of our cabin and down the road to the trail head.  I starts with a climb.  When you get to the first lookout point you can see Hungry Jack Lake and it is big and beautiful.

June 2016 118 Caribou Rock Trail

As you walk further on the trail you have the choice to go left onto Moss Lake Trail or right on Caribou Trail.  Stay to the right.

June 2016 120 Caribou Rock Trail

There was this weird moss growing on a lot of the trees.  It was somewhere between really pretty and highly concerning.

June 2016 122 Caribou Rock Trail

The trail itself was a little thick.  It isn’t a road well traveled for sure, but there were some neat nature sights along the way.

June 2016 146 Caribou Rock Trail

This tree fell over during a storm and ripped its roots right out of the ground.

June 2016 144 Caribou Rock Trail

I saw a toad.

June 2016 148 Caribou Rock Trail

There were lots of pretty wild flowers.

June 2016 151 Caribou Rock Trail

June 2016 163 Caribou Rock Trail

This particular trail was pretty great.  There is a lot of up hill and you need to watch your footing.  It isn’t an easy trail for everyone, but it isn’t really dangerous either.  Most of the best parts are at the beginning although we didn’t do the whole trail.  It is pretty far to the next trail and then you still need to get back.

Basically, if you want a one day trip go as far as you want and then turn around.  We enjoyed Caribou Rock Trail.


Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, MN

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, 3815 American Blvd. East, Bloomington, MN 55425

I saw signs for the Wildlife Refuge from time to time, but I could never figure out how to get there.  Then one day I was visiting the Hilton in Bloomington for an event and I finally saw it.

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge 55

This refuge extends from Bloomington all the way down to Burnsville and beyond really.

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge July 008

Despite the fact that a good portion of this is river and swamp the mosquitoes aren’t bad at all.  In fact the path isn’t really near the swamp areas

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge July 011

You get to walk through flowers to start your journey down the path along the refuge.  If you are lucky you will spot a bird or two.  I have seen cranes and turkeys and hawks.  Most of the path is shaded and cool.  There are stretches that are open.

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge July 001

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge July 025

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge July 047

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge July 035

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge July 041

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge July 045

It really is a great place.