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Green Mill – Eagan, MN

Green Mill, 1940 Rahncliff Court, Eagan, MN 55122

Green Mill is basically a pizza place with Italian food, sandwiches, and fish.  It has a very unique pizza.  Their deep dish pizza has the sauce on top.

I like the pizza, but never seem to order it when at the restaurant.  I like to order their desert fire pasta.  Then I ask them to make it spicy.  Since this is Minnesota they have no idea what that means.  Generally I get a side of the mildest hot sauce in the world with it.

I have tried the fish.  It is ironically difficult to get a good fish in Minnesota.  It wasn’t bad.  It just wasn’t very good.  I have high fish standards.

The sandwiches and wraps are pretty good.  I really like their calzones.

Try their pizza, their calzones, or their sandwiches and you will find something that you like.  Everything else on the menu is just Okay.  Even my dessert fire pasta.  Although I keep ordering it so it must be pretty good.

The bar is pretty fun.  They also have an outdoor area in the summer.

If you are looking for an average place to eat with average prices Green Mill should be on your list.  If you really want a sandwich or wrap definitely eat here.

Andiamo – Eagan, MN

Andiamo – 1629 Lena Ct #100, Eagan, MN 55122

Andiamo is an Italian restaurant and arguably the best restaurant in all of Eagan, or at least the southern side of Eagan.  Very few great restaurants are located in Eagan, MN.  Restaurants on the southern side of Eagan have a hard time making it, but Andiamo is always a happening place.

The seating is a little odd.  There are many half booths around the walls.  One side is a booth and the other side is a set of chairs.  It is often too loud to hear in the restaurant.  The last time we went we ended up in a corner booth and that wasn’t an issue.

I love the chicken andiamo.  Those capers in combination with the bacon and chicken are amazing.

chicken andiamo

The food is very good.  Sure you are paying for Italian food, but the sauces make it great.  It also makes it better than I can make at home.  Do yourself a favor and order dessert.  I suggest the tiramisu.

Andiamo 9

If you find yourself in Eagan, MN check out Andiamo.  You will enjoy it.  It is a very nice restaurant at a reasonable price.