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Mount Warren Pinot Noir

Mount Warren Pinot Noir

Mount Warren bottle

Mount Warren is my new favorite Pinot Noir.  It is so smooth and easy to drink.  It has a nice flavor to it.  I think it might be better than King’s Estate.

Honestly when I started drinking this wine I fell in love with it.

The bottle has a twist top which is very convenient for taking to a party.  This wine has nothing bad about it.  It is good on day one and is equally as good up to a week later.

I would serve this at a dinner party.

I give this one a 5/5.

Les Brebis Pinot Noir

Les Brebis Pinot Noir

Les Brebis label

This Pinot Noir was recommended to me by the woman at the wine shop.  It is one of her favorites and she was right to recommend it.  It is a good pinot out of the Oregon area.

It has a pleasant flavor.  I enjoyed this pinot quite a bit.  It is a normal pinot noir.  It isn’t unbelievably good, but it is also not bad at all.

I would serve this one at dinner.

I give this pinot a 4/5.

Conte Priola Pinot Noir

Conte Priola Pinot Noir

Conte Priola bottle

This wine is an explosion of flavor and none of them are harsh or bitter or bad.  I was so impressed by this wine because it wasn’t average.  It didn’t overdue it.  It was just an exciting wine.

This wine is also very easy to drink.  I wouldn’t describe this wine as smooth, but only because the flavors make it so much more than that.  Yes, it goes down easy.  Yes you will want several glasses.

Serve this wine at your dinner party and your guests will be impressed.

I give this one a 5/5.

Steelhead Vineyards Pinot Noir

Steelhead Vineyards Pinot Noir

This wine kicked my butt, but it did not call me names.

The aroma of Steelhead Pinot Noir is divine once you allow the wine to breathe.  It is the kind of smell that says, this will be a good wine.

The wine is smooth, but not overly smooth.  There is a hint of dryness to it and something that my pallet does not like.  I am sure that whatever that hint, that flavor is that my body did not like is exactly what started the room spinning on my second glass.

That is right, only two glasses of this wine and I couldn’t see straight.  Fortunately I somehow managed to avoid a hangover, but what happened?

Steelhead Pinot Noir bottle

Based on taste, texture, and flavor I would say this is a great wine.  Based on how it treated me I am leery to try it again.

I will give this wine a 3/5 for now.  Maybe I will try again and be able to up that rating to a 4.

Left Coast Cellars Pinot Noir

Left Coast Cellars Cali’s Cuvee Pinot Noir

This wine was suggested to me as a smooth wine from Oregon.  Two words that will always peak my interest when speaking about Pinot Noir wines, smooth and Oregon.

The wine seller was right that this is a good wine.  It is not too expensive, fifteen to twenty range.  It was fairly smooth with only an ever so slight bitterness.  The flavor was in no way overwhelming and not cumulative.  For me any negative flavors tend to come out and start to overwhelm me the more I drink.  This wine was just as good with each sip, if not better.

Left Coast Cellars Pinot Noir bottle

This is an interesting wine to have in your cellar.  I kind of wonder if this one wouldn’t be better a little aged.  It tasted like it had potential.

This particular wine was estate grown and bottled which should mean they used their own grapes and did not mass purchase those grown somewhere else.  This gives you an idea of the quality of the estate.  You generally try to put your best wines in bottles that you announce that you grew the grapes.

Overall I would give this wine a 4/5 rating.  Have no fear serving this wine at a dinner party.

Momentos – Pinot Noir

Momentos – Pinot Noir

This is my new favorite glass of wine a day wine.  It is so good and not too expensive.  It is smooth and you can drink a few glasses if you want.  There are no ill side effects.

Momentos Pinot Noir bottle

This is a well made wine.  It is a Chile wine.  They make good wines there.  They seem to really know what they are doing.

I am giving this wine a 5/5, mostly on the drink-ability scale.

La Delizia – Pinot Noir

La Delizia – Pinot Noir

My initial impressions of this wine is excellent and not harsh.  I very drinkable wine.  This particular wine is not good with chocolate at all.  This is a twist top bottle which makes it easy to take places.

La Delizia

It is an Italian wine and Estate bottled which often means the Estate’s best grapes will go into this wine.  One can only hope that the grapes are good.

La Delezia pink label

I had this wine again the other night.  Different year I think, and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  Two glasses and I was feeling fine.  I do not think I would suggest more than that, but the next day I felt good.

It has an intense flavor to it, but it isn’t a bite, just an intense flavor.  I can understand why I wouldn’t like this wine with chocolate.  It would have brought out the bitterness with the sweet paring with the wine.  I would highly suggest this wine to anyone who comes across it.

I would say this is a strictly serve with red meat kind of wine.  Finish it before you start in on any deserts or anything sweet.

Overall I would give this wine a 4/5 rating.