South Dakota Entertainment

South Dakota Entertainment

So much of South Dakota’s entertainment centers around nature that it is actually hard for me to name a lot of activities you might enjoy while visiting this state.  There are a lot of things to see, but what is there to do.  My parents would say dancing.  They enjoy kicking up their heels at a good country western bar.

You can always gamble in Deadwood, but I like to keep my money and I hate losing.  There is a rodeo scene.  There is fishing and hunting.  I lived on the east side of South Dakota for four years and spent most of that time just enjoy the company of good people.  I have traveled through and to the west side of the state more times than most, but that side focuses on the beauty of nature.

Here are some things you can do to entertain yourself in South Dakota that do not involve seeing the sights.

Prairie Berry Winery, Hill City, SD

Prairie Berry Winery Hill City SD May 2016 364