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Cooking and Recipes

We all grew up with some level of cooking in our life.  It might have been mac-n-cheese from a box, grilled hot dogs, a holiday dinner, or grandmother’s cookies.  You may have watched, you may have helped, or you may have just eaten the results.

Cooking for me is trial and error, success and whoops I forgot to add…  I can be the best of cooks or the worst of cooks depending on the day.  Sometimes I take great joy in cooking and other days it is a task I must complete.  I do believe the best dishes are made with love.

I wanted one place that I could find all of the recipes I love and have come across through friends, family, and the joy of the internet.  Some are great.  Some are okay.  I will point out the ones that I didn’t like.

Learn with me through my mistakes and accomplishments in the wonderful world of Cooking and Recipes!




Main courses

Side dishes