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Split Rock Lighthouse, Two Harbors, MN

Split Rock Lighthouse, 3713 Split Rock Lighthouse Road, Two Harbors, MN 55616

Split Rock Lighthouse is a historical site and part of the Minnesota Historical Society.  As a site that is part of the Minnesota Historical Society there is a fee to see the lighthouse even if you have a pass for all of the state parks.

You drive in, park your car and enter the visitor center.  There are plenty of things to see in the center and purchase.  One of the items you will need to purchase is a pass to go through the doors that lead out to the lighthouse itself.  It is worth taking a look.

Split Rock Lighthouse 020

The lighthouse is right behind the visitor center and there isn’t any scary walks along a long and narrow path like many lighthouses.  It is a rather beautiful lighthouse.

Split Rock Lighthouse 052

You can walk around the building next to the lighthouse or wonder through the other area with all of the other buildings.  There is information inside the building next to the lighthouse.  Cover your ears when the fog horns go off.

Split Rock Lighthouse 030

Stand back and take in the lighthouse itself.  It is a pretty amazing sight to see.  The best part is that you can go inside and climb to the top.

Split Rock Lighthouse 028

Split Rock Lighthouse 054

The lower part of the lighthouse is rather neat.  There is a stove and a desk for the caretaker to use.  They have people dressed up as caretakers walking around.  I believe there is also a tour that you can take.

Split Rock Lighthouse 034


Split Rock Lighthouse 035

The mechanics of the lighthouse itself are really incredible.  It truly is a beautiful work of art.  The fact that it has a functional aspect as well is just a bonus.

Split Rock Lighthouse 042

Split Rock Lighthouse 046

Climb the staircase to the top and take in the view.  It is rare that you get to climb a lighthouse so that fact that they let you go up into this one makes it very exciting.

Split Rock Lighthouse 049

The light at the top of the lighthouse spins around so that boats can see it.

Split Rock Lighthouse 056

The view is also quite spectacular from the lighthouse.  Here are a few shots of what you might see when you visit here.

Split Rock Lighthouse 057

Split Rock Lighthouse 058

Split Rock Lighthouse 061

If you get a chance to visit Split Rock Lighthouse it is completely worth the fee.  The lighthouse is beautiful and  the fact that they let you go inside makes it very exciting.  It is also very accessible from the standpoint that you do not need to take a scary walk to get to it.  There are stairs to get up to it so keep that in mind.

I highly suggest putting Split Rock Lighthouse on your list of things to do if you are in the Twin Harbors, MN area.

After you view the lighthouse you can take a hiking trip into the park itself.  We were just passing through so we skipped the hike, but it looked like it would be fun.


Dairy Twist, Hill City, SD

Dairy Twist, 12647 US-16, Hill City, SD 57745

Yes, go here and eat.  The food is good old fashioned drive inn food and you will love every bite.

I had the burger and cheese curds which were amazing.  You can get other items as well like shakes and cones and fries and chicken strips and chili dogs.  It may have been the best place that we ate during this particular trip.  Be careful showing up late, sometimes they just close a bit early.

Dairy Twist, Hill City, SD May 2016 199

You can eat both inside and outside.  There is a picnic area just outside of the indoor eating area.

Dairy Twist, Hill City, SD May 2016 192

Dairy Twist, Hill City, SD May 2016 194

It is the interesting part about the Dairy Twist.  There are agates, arrowheads, and skulls in a display case in the eating area.  I think they were real dinosaur bones.

Dairy Twist, Hill City, SD May 2016 187

Dairy Twist, Hill City, SD May 2016 189

If you are in Hill City, SD you must eat at the Dairy Twist.  They time that they are open is limited so if it is open grab your food while you can.

Fairburn Museum

Fairburn Museum – 745 Second St, Fairburn, SD 57738

Fairburn Museum 18

The Fairburn Museum is the old Public School building.  Like with any small town museum the stories and items inside have real meaning.

There are 3 rooms total in this building.  The 2 classrooms and the gym.  It is actually pretty impressive for how small it is.  There isn’t much in the gym.  I think they use it for events still.

Fairburn Museum 1

There are agates from the area which is rocks you can only find in the area.  They really cool with neat designs.

Agates in the case on the left
Agates in the case on the left

My favorite item in the museum is the mountain lion shot by a local woman with a .22 right outside her ranch house.

Fairburn Museum 14

There are many old photos and other historical items as well.

Fairburn Museum 12Fairburn Museum 16

Outside you can play on the equipment.  Lots of fun.

Fairburn Museum 17

Buffalo Bill Historical Center

Buffalo Bill Historical Center – 720 Sheridan Ave, Cody, WY 82414

You could easily spend days in the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.  In fact it is more than just one museum.  There is all of the history to the left and a gun museum to the right.  Museums can be boring in my opinion, this one is not dull at all.  I enjoyed my walk through history.

A sign for Buffalo Bills Wild West show

The museum is in Cody, WY where William “Buffalo Bill” Cody had a ranch outside of town.  Large map with Cody Wyoming on it.The museum itself is in town and easy to get to.  The museum is filled with historical information and items from the past.

Animals represent a large part of the draw of Wyoming and this museum has tons of them.  From buffalo to the elk and bears of the area.

Display of buffalo

Did I mention the guns?  guns on the wall in cases

I do not believe I have ever seen so many firearms in one place.  There are walls of guns from riffles to hand guns to shot guns and more.  I have heard of men spending an entire day or two just looking through this section of the museum.  It really is quite impressive.

If you find yourself in Cody, WY with a day to spare I highly suggest checking out the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.  I promise you will like it.