Monks Bar & Grill, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Monks Bar & Grill, 220 Broadway, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

Monks Bar & Grill is basically a large sports bar with really amazing food.  I was so glad we ate at this restaurant and I got a new shirt.

The cheese curds were amazing.  Three people could barely finish them.  The sandwiches were excellent.  I had a pretty basic burger and fries.  OK, it had jalapenos on it.  What can I say I love jalapenos.  The burger was done perfectly and the fries had a really good seasoning on them.  They even toasted the bun.

Monk;s Bar & Grill May 15 2016 014

My dinner companions also enjoyed their food.  They each ordered something odd in the menu and both ate every bite.  One had beans on it and and other one had something that looked very messy to eat.  I cannot find the items on the regular menu.

Monk;s Bar & Grill May 15 2016 015

If you are looking for some typical burgers or something a little more than that try Monks.  They know how to cook good food and how to put together great combinations.  When you read the descriptions the toppings sound really good, not odd and experimental.  You get the felling someone has made this before even if you have never heard about it.

Go to Monks, eat, and enjoy!

Macs, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Macs, 208 Broadway, Wisconsin Dells WI 53965

Macs May 15 2016 173

Imagine macaroni and cheese made with real Wisconsin cheeses.  Yep, that is pretty much all you need to know about Macs.  My mouth is watering just thinking about this place.

It is like a fast food macaroni and cheese restaurant.  You walk up to the counter, order the type of macaroni you want and size, and they bring it to your table.

It comes in a skillet and the top is slightly crusted.  The small was the perfect size for me, but I can imagine taking down the larger size.  I literally was away from this place for all of two hours before I had a craving for it.

Macs May 15 2016 178

I went with the Jalapeno Popper Mac which is basically a jalapeno popper in macaroni and cheese form.  Delicious, seriously, I was in heaven.  The loaded baked potato mac only comes in the larger size.  I wasn’t daring enough to eat that much food.

If you are anywhere near this place check it out.  It is just the most amazing macaroni and cheese you will ever taste.


Branding Iron Supper Club, Preston MN

Branding Iron Supper Club, Hwy’s 16 & 52 North, Preston, Minnesota.

Bland, this is the best word to describe the food and the Branding Iron Supper Club.

Branding Iron Supper Club 6

From the outside you think everything will be great and even when you walk inside the environment is perfect.  The large glass windows are so grand.  Everything is very nice.  A lot of people eat here, but I must ask why.

Branding Iron Supper Club 2

They bring you butter soaked bread to start.  It is greasy and yet oddly lacking in flavor.

I ordered a jalapeno burger and fries.  I was so excited to see the fries were the thin kind that I love so much.  The color struck me as odd.  They were barely done which may have added to the lack of color.  They were completely unseasoned, not even a drop of salt.  they were utterly disappointing.

Even the burger itself was lacking.  If I had not had jalapenos on it I am not sure it would have been good.  I would call it good, but the eating companion thought his was a hockey puck.

Branding Iron Supper Club 4

Maybe the other dishes were better on the menu, but I truly am left scratching my head on how someone could fail so completely on those fries.  You would think that frying them would have given them at least some flavor.  How can a restaurant not put some sort of seasoning on its food?

If I were you I would pass on the Branding Iron Supper Club and try one of the other restaurants in the area.  It just isn’t worth it unless you enjoy bland food.

Rice Krispies Treats

Rice Krispies Treats are a simple and perfect dessert.  Be careful, one person could easily eat half a pan.  You can find the recipe on the box and it is super easy to make.

Gather the following ingredients:

3 tablespoons of butter
1 package of marshmallows
6 cups of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

A large Pot
A large glass pan
Non-stick cooking spray

Melt the butter in the pot.  Add the marshmallows and melt them on a low heat stirring continuously until completely melted.

Rice Krispies 4

Remove the pot from the heat and add the Rice Krispies.  I like to measure them into the glass pan so that I can pour them all in at once.  It is a bit less than a small box.  Stir until the Rice Krispies are coated.

Quickly spray down the glass pan with non-stick cooking spray.

Pour the marshmallows and Rice Krispies into the glass pan and flatten the top with your stirring device.  Allow them to cool.

Cut and serve.  Once they are cool you can wrap them in Saran wrap.  If you do it when they are warm it will stick to it.  Same thing with parchment paper.


Pucifer, 2016

I have never been to a rock concert with a wrestling match built into it before.  Maynard James Keenan is a theatrical genius and has an amazing ear for sounds.

When you attend a Pucifer concert you get the experience of that particular album.  The sounds flow in a particular sequence.  The album tells a story and the concert is the visual representation of that story.  There are acts and scenes.  The imagery is carefully put together.

The female counterpart to Maynard in this particular show was a perfect complement to his voice.  She was amazing.  Maynard is shy and in the art of hiding himself on stage the two main singers dressed in such a way as to seem like shadows on the stage.  At least to me it seemed like I was watching shadows in the shadows.

You were to focus on the wrestlers and not the musicians for most of the show.  Wow, the wrestling and energy of those performers was amazing.  The little guy was so talented.  I think he was a gymnast.

Pucsifer, Northrop 22

If you have a chance to attend a Pucifer concert grab it.  Between the show and the music I promise you will find something that you love.

We saw this concert performed at the Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis.  The venue was amazing and the perfect place to see such a performance.

Cyrus Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN

The Norhtrop Auditorium on the campus of University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, 84 Church St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455.

Pucsifer, Northrop 6

The theater is quite amazing.  We purchased tickets to see Pucifer at this theater in March of 2016.  You can also purchase a parking pass for the parking ramp which is very conveniently located next to the event.

The theater opened back in 1929, but was recently remodeled to include fewer seats.  This was done to guarantee every seat in the house is a great seat.  We were on the third level and I must say the seats were great.

Pucsifer, Northrop 13

The sound system is incredible.  You can literally feel the music.  You can see the giant speakers hanging above the stage.  Every word spoken is easy to hear.  Granted their were microphones, but nothing was lost.

Pucsifer, Northrop 9

One of my favorite parts about the theater was all of the details, both inside and outside.  Take a look at the patterns around the outside of the stage.  Walking around inside is extremely exciting.  Even the outside has beautiful columns.

Pucsifer, Northrop 10

They offer many events at this theater including rock concerts, comedy shows, plays, orchestra, and more.

The smoke alarm system works well.  Someone was smoking on an upper level and set the system off.  We were all asked to leave while they made sure there wasn’t a real fire.  The system makes a strange sound when it goes off and there are flashing lights to alert anyone who is deaf.  I only recently realized why the lights flash.  With the great views and the way you can feel the sound system I think going to an event hear as a deaf person would be a very enjoyable event.  They continued the concert once the theater was cleared.

Lastly, and this has little to do with your theatrical experience, the bathrooms are very nice.  They are large, easy to find, and up to date.  It might not seem that important, but when everyone gets to get up for an intermission at the same time it becomes very important.


Norma Jeane Merlot

Norma Jeane Merlot – winery site

Norma Jean Merlot 6

When I purchased this bottle of 2014 Norma Jeane Merlot I figured it was merely a gimmick.  Technically it is, but at the same time the wine fits Norma Jeane.

It is very pleasant on the tongue and has a burst of, what I can only describe as, excitement.  Perhaps it is my imagination, but this wine has the most amazing aftertaste.

Norma Jean Merlot 7

I would serve this wine with dinner with the expectation of a laugh from any wine expert.  I think your guests will be happy with the flavor.

I give this one a 4/5 that leans towards a full 5.

Beringer Merlot

Beringer Merlot – winery site

Beringer Melot 13

Beringer’s Merlot is a perfectly fine Merlot.  Like all Beringer products it a simple go to wine.  There is nothing unusual about it.  No strange or exciting flavors, but no horrid flavors either.

If you do not know what to get this one is worthy of serving to your guests.

I give this one a 4/5.

William O’Brien State Park, St. Croix, MN – Camping

William O’Brien State Park, 16821 O’Brien Trail N, Marine on St Croix, MN 55047

The last day of April 2016, the weather looks as if it might rain, but it doesn’t smell like it.  We head out with a car load of stuff for our car camping trip.

Driving into the park we sign in and get our site tag.  We made reservations online.  The process is simple.  We drive past all of the cabins and campsites with electricity until we find our simple sight.  This particular park has bathrooms everywhere so just pick a site where you like.

William O'Brien State Park 4

We setup our tent and head out for a nice walk.  A trail starts a little ways up the road, or if you keep going down the road you will meet the trail.  The main trail is a large loop with a few offshoot loops.

William O'Brien State Park 17

The camp site has a spot for your car, a place for your tent, a picnic table, and a fire pit.  You can purchase wood at the entrance.  Bring something to light it and some skills to get it going.

William O'Brien State Park 7

When you return from your walk have fun around the campfire.  Use the grate to cook yourself a meal.  Make yourself some marshmallows.  Enjoy the evening.

William O'Brien State Park 27

Our trip was a bit cold.  Make sure you bring a good enough sleeping bag or extra sheets.  The nice part about car camping is that you can drive in plenty of supplies.  Take advantage of it.

The site was nice.  The trails were convenient, yet far enough away that people do not randomly walk through your site.  There is some group camping closer to the middle of the park.