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Vikings Football

Friends at the Vikings gameVikings Football

In Minnesota the NFL football team is called the Vikings.  Being a Vikings fan is one of the most heartbreaking thing that you can be.  Why?  The Minnesota Vikings have an uncanny ability to lose.  If you are like me you will start every game rooting for the team and by the end you just hope they lose.

The Minnesota Vikings have never won a Super Bowl.  They often make it to the playoffs just to fall early.

The game I went to was back in the old Metrodome.  Brett Farve was the quarterback at the time.  The seats were on the goal line.  Seeing the entire field from that spot wasn’t bad, but it isn’t like watching it on TV.

My fuzzy pic of the game taken on a blackberry

Watching or really paying attention to a football game while at the game is very difficult.  Commercial breaks are the cause of this.  The game has lulls constantly as those of you watching on TV are forced to watch a commercial.  At the game you find yourself drifting away from the game.  Then the crowd roars and you realize that they started the play and you missed it.  This will happen to you over and over again.

Football is a great game and really fun to watch, but the commercialization kind of reins it.  That being said the game I went to got super exciting at the end.  Brett Farve led the Vikings team to the greatest comeback of his career and every second counted, every second mattered.

Is going to a game worth it?  I would say it is worth going at least once.  We can only hope that the new stadium will be amazing.

Timberwolves Basketball

Timberwolves basketball

The local NBA basketball team in Minnesota is the Timberwolves.  The who?  Yeah I wasn’t very familiar with the name either.  Apparently they have been a team since 1989 which is around the time I stopped watching basketball.

Timberwolves T logo

Now I stopped watching basketball when I started getting annoyed about these athletes making a ton of money and missing simple shots.  In my mind they make enough to get the ball in the hole pretty much every time.

I didn’t expect much from the game because I didn’t even know any of the big players anymore.  I have to tell you watching live professional basketball is one of the most enjoyable things you can do.  The game is exciting.  The missed shots are devastating unless it is the other team and then they are exhilarating.

It is easy to see what is happening on the court.  It is easy to follow.  Most of all it is easy to pay attention.  I have attended baseball and football games in Minnesota and basketball was the most exciting and easiest to get into.

If you have an opportunity to attend a Timberwolves basketball game go.  You will enjoy it.

Twins Baseball

Twins Baseball

The Minnesota Twins always play well throughout the baseball season.  They often get to the playoffs.

Twins Baseball Pub

They recently moved into a new stadium and I have to commend the planning team on this one.  Driving to the parking ramps was super simple.  I suggest taking a vehicle that isn’t too big and turns well because the spiral to get between floors is a bit tight.  The cost of parking is reasonable.  I suggest bringing cash.  Leaving the ramp was easier than getting there, mostly due to construction we passed through on our way there.

twins baseball ticket

Enough about driving.  If your tickets are at the will call area simple walk over to the front gates and you will see a number of windows.  It is important that the tickets are in your name as you need to provide ID in order to pick them up. Web:  Twins Tickets

Twins stadium view from right field

You walk into the stadium on the second level near the first baseline. The initial view is very exciting.  As you walk around to find your seats you will pass all sorts of vendors.  The food vendors sell some great items like a steak sandwich which is really tender or chips and guacamole which I enjoyed.  You can buy a beer or a hard cider, yum.

Twins Baseball pitch

Now for the game.  I find baseball boring to watch, but I actually enjoyed being at this game.  It is easy to pay attention because if you don’t you may end up catching a line drive the hard way.  The music and the displays also help to keep you engaged.  If you are lucky you might find yourself on the screen, circle me.

Twins Baseball screen

Kids love being at the game.  The big screen specifically chooses children for a number of activities and they love to show off for the camera.  A lucky kid might get a foul ball tossed to them for a lifetime memory.  This is definitively a family event.