Porter Creek Hardwood Grill – Burnsville, MN

Porter Creek Hardwood Grill, 14201 Burngarten Dr, Burnsville, MN 55306

Porter Creek is what I think of when I describe a high end restaurant.  Not a trendy restaurant.  A genuinely high end, great food, high quality restaurant.

The seating is nice.  You are surrounded by other people, but you feel like your space is your own.  You can hear the person you came with speaking and easily converse with them.  I think it is the multiple levels that keeps the noise down, combined with all of the wood.  There are also walls of wine.  I wish my wine rack was that large and that full, WOW.

The food is incredible.  They make a pork chop that is so tender you won’t believe it.  The sauce they serve with it make the meal.  Toss in a large portion of mashed potatoes and your meal is complete.  I went bold and ordered the duck two ways.  They cook it to a medium which was fine for the dark meat portion of the duck.  It made the breast too chewy for my liking.  The meat fell off the bone on the leg and thigh piece.  I heated the breast up the next day and let it cook a little longer.  Incredible.

Porter Creek Duck two ways

They have some Scott tasting flights that looked very tempting.  The Scott that I knew where all very good.

I cannot wait to go back and try this place again.  The prices are upscale, but so is every aspect of this restaurant.  If you want a great night out with an incredible meal try Porter Creek Hardwood Grill.

Tried the Salmon, amazing.

Porter Creek Salmon

Green Mill – Eagan, MN

Green Mill, 1940 Rahncliff Court, Eagan, MN 55122

Green Mill is basically a pizza place with Italian food, sandwiches, and fish.  It has a very unique pizza.  Their deep dish pizza has the sauce on top.

I like the pizza, but never seem to order it when at the restaurant.  I like to order their desert fire pasta.  Then I ask them to make it spicy.  Since this is Minnesota they have no idea what that means.  Generally I get a side of the mildest hot sauce in the world with it.

I have tried the fish.  It is ironically difficult to get a good fish in Minnesota.  It wasn’t bad.  It just wasn’t very good.  I have high fish standards.

The sandwiches and wraps are pretty good.  I really like their calzones.

Try their pizza, their calzones, or their sandwiches and you will find something that you like.  Everything else on the menu is just Okay.  Even my dessert fire pasta.  Although I keep ordering it so it must be pretty good.

The bar is pretty fun.  They also have an outdoor area in the summer.

If you are looking for an average place to eat with average prices Green Mill should be on your list.  If you really want a sandwich or wrap definitely eat here.

Momentos Merlot

Momentos, Merlot

The initial taste of this merlot is ok and smooth.  There is a slight dryness to it.  This dryness becomes more and more dry with every sip.  The dryness is on the front of the tongue apposed to the back of the throat.  It is odd.

Momentos Merlot 3

The taste is Okay.  It is not my favorite Merlot.

I give this one a 3/5.

It is drinkable, but not great at all.  It isn’t bad either.  It just isn’t very good.

Ansari’s Mediterranean Grill & Lounge – Eagan, MN

Ansari’s Mediterranean Grill & Lounge, 1960 Rahncliff Ct, Eagan, MN 55122

Ansari is in the running for one of the top restaurants in Eagan, MN.  Especially for the south side of Eagan.  It is one of two or three great restaurants.

Taste of Jerusalem

The taste of Jerusalem is amazing.  Their hummus is to die for.  I had it once when it wasn’t the most incredible thing ever, but normally it is a testament to hummus.  The taste of Lebanon isn’t very good.  I assume the items prepared taste as good as those items can taste.  I just do not like eating grass very much.  I do not know what is in it, but that is what it taste like to me.

They Gyro meat is some of the best I have ever eaten.  I am generally not a huge fan, but I actually enjoyed theirs.

Ansari's Mediterranean Grill & Lounge 5

I ordered a chocolate martini as Ansari’s.  Word to the wise, this martini contains dairy.  Overall it was a good drink with a great presentation.

Ansari's Mediterranean Grill & Lounge Martini

Everything at Ansari’s has a great presentation.  They not only know how to cook, but how to display the meal.

There is a large bar area that you can sit and enjoy a drink or some food.  The belly dancer is located in the main dining area, but you can see her from the bar.  I have not been there to see the show, but the stage is always intriguing.

Ansari's Mediterranean Grill & Lounge Mojito

Great food and a great atmosphere.  It is easy to talk at this restaurant.  If you are looking for a place to take a date I would suggest Ansari’s.  If you think she will be offended by the belly dancer I suggest going early in the night apposed to later in the evening.

Get the hummus!

Redstone Grill – Eden Prairie, MN

Redstone Grill, 8000 Eden Road, Eden Prairie, MN, 55344

I have eaten at Redstone Grill on a number of occasions.  It is a surprisingly happening place all days of the week.  The bar area is buzzing.  People keep pouring in.  I do not know where they all go, but they all seem to find a place.

The seat next to the fireplace is quite warm, hot really.  They will turn it off if you ask.  The main dining area is dark, but perfectly so.  You can read the menu.  You can see just fine, but there is no denying the darkness.  It is actually a very comforting and adds to the atmosphere.  I like this place very much.

This is a higher end restaurant.  The prices aren’t super high, but they are above average.  It is also a cash of you get what you pay for.

The portions are huge.  I have see a flat bread appetizer easily serve two.  The tenderloin is by far the largest one I have ever been served.  It is also one of the most tender cuts of meat.  The portion of mashed potatoes is a meal unto itself.  Their shrimp appetizers are extremely good.

Redstone port wine

Save room for dessert.  The gigantic slice of chocolate cake served with two scoops of ice cream comes drizzled with chocolate syrup.  They ask before they add it.  Say yes.  Also have them bring a glass of port wine paired to the cake.  Amazing wine, seriously.

If you want to impress and can afford it check out Redstone.  It is worth it.

Egg Roll King – Apple Valley, MN

Egg Roll King – 15100 Cedar Ave, Apple Valley, MN 55124

We were driving around Apple Valley, MN when we saw a sign for Egg Roll King.  It seemed like a bold statement and claim so we stopped.

The place was busy.  Granted there were only a few tables and chairs inside.  More than most with such a small rental space, but a lot of the tables were taken.  We didn’t come for a sit down meal.

Egg Roll King 6

The menu is interesting.  You can order 2 different types of main courses along with your choice of rice for next to nothing.  I didn’t expect much for that price.  They also have a number of different egg rolls.  You can also order just this main course or that main course.

It takes a while to get your meal because this place is flooded with take out orders.  People call them in, walk in like us, or order online.  In the amount of time we were there we saw a ton of food being served.  People eating in the restaurant, take out orders being picked up, and the occasional delivery order.

I had high hopes for this meal with all of the patrons.

They finally give us our two meals and we head home.  I bag is very heavy.

Egg Roll King 15

When we open up our meals the amount of food in each one is shocking.  I do not see one meal.  I see about three meals in each box.  Now I have a cheap meal and a ton of food.  I am a little scared.

To my surprise it tastes pretty good.  Oh, and the egg rolls were perfect.  Small and tight egg rolls cooked perfectly.

Egg Roll King 11

If you live in Apple Valley and close enough to drive there I would recommend Egg Roll King.  Especially is you are looking for a cheap meal and still tastes pretty good.

Andiamo – Eagan, MN

Andiamo – 1629 Lena Ct #100, Eagan, MN 55122

Andiamo is an Italian restaurant and arguably the best restaurant in all of Eagan, or at least the southern side of Eagan.  Very few great restaurants are located in Eagan, MN.  Restaurants on the southern side of Eagan have a hard time making it, but Andiamo is always a happening place.

The seating is a little odd.  There are many half booths around the walls.  One side is a booth and the other side is a set of chairs.  It is often too loud to hear in the restaurant.  The last time we went we ended up in a corner booth and that wasn’t an issue.

I love the chicken andiamo.  Those capers in combination with the bacon and chicken are amazing.

chicken andiamo

The food is very good.  Sure you are paying for Italian food, but the sauces make it great.  It also makes it better than I can make at home.  Do yourself a favor and order dessert.  I suggest the tiramisu.

Andiamo 9

If you find yourself in Eagan, MN check out Andiamo.  You will enjoy it.  It is a very nice restaurant at a reasonable price.