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Lutsen Resort on the Superior, Lutsen, MN

Lutsen Resort on the Superior, Lutsen, MN

We didn’t stay at the Lutsen Resort on our trek near Lake Superior, but we did stop in one evening for a meal.  I believe the resort has changed ownership since then so I do not know what has changed.

The view was great, the service was very good, but the food was odd.  The prices are on the higher side, but not extreme.  I ordered fish because we were on Lake Superior and that seemed appropriate.  I don’t know why, but Minnesotans have some sort of inability to properly cook a fish, so that it tastes good.  It is not just this restaurant.  I have had exactly one good fish the entire time I have lived in Minnesota.  I know it isn’t the fish because we used to vacation in Minnesota when I was a kid, and the fish were delicious.  Jon ordered the Swedish meatballs, again, very odd.  A lot of the other items on the menu look really good.  We may have just made the worst choices on the menu.  The flavors were just odd.

View of the Lounge at Lutsen Resort
Front door of Lutsen Resort
Dinning Hall at Lutsen Resort

After dinner we walked around the resort a bit and took in a sunset.  The views at this resort are amazing.  The placement of the resort is perfect for exploring the north shore.

View of peer on Lutsen Resort

The resort has a great beach right in front of it.  You can take your family down and put your foot into Lake Superior.  I am sure you can sun bathe on the beach during the day.

Beach in front of Lutsen Resort dining hall

Overall, I would say, if you have some money to spend, and want an extremely nice resort, on Lake Superior, that reminds you of days gone by, this is the place.  It feels like it is straight out of the fifties or earlier, when families went on a long vacation, and dressed up to go to dinner.  You play hard all day, and return to your room to get cleaned up, before heading downstairs to an elegant meal.  It really is a great atmosphere and an amazing location and view.

Redstone Grill – Eden Prairie, MN

Redstone Grill, 8000 Eden Road, Eden Prairie, MN, 55344

I have eaten at Redstone Grill on a number of occasions.  It is a surprisingly happening place all days of the week.  The bar area is buzzing.  People keep pouring in.  I do not know where they all go, but they all seem to find a place.

The seat next to the fireplace is quite warm, hot really.  They will turn it off if you ask.  The main dining area is dark, but perfectly so.  You can read the menu.  You can see just fine, but there is no denying the darkness.  It is actually a very comforting and adds to the atmosphere.  I like this place very much.

This is a higher end restaurant.  The prices aren’t super high, but they are above average.  It is also a cash of you get what you pay for.

The portions are huge.  I have see a flat bread appetizer easily serve two.  The tenderloin is by far the largest one I have ever been served.  It is also one of the most tender cuts of meat.  The portion of mashed potatoes is a meal unto itself.  Their shrimp appetizers are extremely good.

Redstone port wine

Save room for dessert.  The gigantic slice of chocolate cake served with two scoops of ice cream comes drizzled with chocolate syrup.  They ask before they add it.  Say yes.  Also have them bring a glass of port wine paired to the cake.  Amazing wine, seriously.

If you want to impress and can afford it check out Redstone.  It is worth it.