Mallee Point Merlot

Mallee Point Merlot

Mallee Point  009

Mallee Point Merlot is an Australia wine which gives me hope right off the bat.  Australians like to drink and seem to have a good sense for drink ability over whatever passes for proper wine in other areas.

You can smell the berries in this wine as you pour it.  It is very inviting.

The initial tastes include oak and cherry.  This wine clearly has a lot of tannins which I normal try to avoid like the plague.  For some reason it doesn’t seem to matter in this wine.  They probably process it differently in Australia to allow the tannins without the ill effects.

Even with the tannins this wine is surprisingly smooth.  As I drank this wine I thought it maybe a headache waiting to happen, but it will be a delicious ride.  To my surprise I did not suffer a headache the next day as I would have if this were an American wine with that many tannins.

If you really enjoy the taste of tannins, but do not like the after affect I would highly recommend this particular wine.  They just seem to do it right in Australia.

I give this one a 4/5 overall.  It verges on a 5.