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Third Wheel

Third Wheel is a red blend from California.

third wheels 002

This California red is a rather simple wine.  The bottle has foil and a proper cork.  The initial smell is pleasant.  It doesn’t have any harsh tones, but also doesn’t give a falsely inviting scent either.  It is just pleasing.

The initial taste is smooth.  It isn’t smooth due to a lack of flavor like some wines.  The flavors are just subtle and none are overwhelming.  There is nothing harsh or bitter about the wine.  It is simply a good wine.

The blending of this wine is perfect for its purpose.  It is meant to be a table wine that you can drink with any meal and serve to any guest.

I enjoyed this wine with fruit.  It pairs nicely with black berries, raspberries, and strawberries.  It was best with the strawberries.

Pairing this wine with crackers and cheese was not as good.  It still worked, but I was not as thrilled.  I think perhaps it was the choice of cheese.  I was using gouda.  I think it would have gone better with a cheddar or some other more flavorful cheese.

Overall I would definitely suggest  this wine for dinner guests.  It should please any pallet and not be offensive in anyway.  In fact at $10 a bottle this is the type of wine that you can have at anytime.  It also makes a good bottle to take to a dinner party.  Keep one of these on hand for any last minute needs.

I give this wine a 5/5 on the Linda scale.

I really enjoyed this wine and had not ill effects from it.